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Paul was instrumental in helping to set up our company and continues to provide an outstanding,value for money service. I have no hesitation in recommending him!
— Mark Sexton, Director
I have hardly any experience dealing with the accounting side of business and gladly leave that to someone that knows what they are doing. Thankfully Abacus Accountancy have been able to take care of everything for me with a very professional and tailored service, leaving me to get on with everything else.
— Ian Oliver. Graphic Designer
I am extremely happy with Paul and his team at Abacus Accountancy. They are pleasant, responsive and knowledgeable. I look forward to working with them even more in the future.
— Alex Seleska, Web Designer
Paul has been very helpful and promptly gets back with a reply when requested. I would and have recommended his services to any one that needs a good accountant.

Using Abacus has saved us time, money and stress, allowing us to focus on what we do best – running the salon.
— Teresa Nurhan, Hairdresser
I have used Abacus for many years and would never consider moving elsewhere due to the excellent service I receive. Paul and his team are very helpful to me and I look forward to his help in the future.
— Stephen Wickens, Driving Instructor
We have been using Abacus Accountancy, since we arrived in the UK from Holland, and are very pleased with the service they have provided for us. They provide an extremely efficient, timely and friendly service.
— Hendrik Hulshof, Ergonomics Expert
Abacus Accountancy offers a first class and cost effective service, with clear and helpful advice on current tax implications to my business.
— Christopher Sanders, PAT Engineer
Having known Paul since I first started my business I can only thank him for all the hard work and time he has put into providing a very personal and professional service to myself. He’s taken all the stress and worry out of dealing with my finances, and saved me money, which makes his service very cost effective. He is always willing to help and offer advice.
— David Carlile, Artist
We have used Abacus Accountancy for a number of years, and always find them to be friendly and efficient. They have saved us a small fortune in tax, and their service is impeccable. We get them to do everything for us, including our book keeping, and this has massively reduced our stress levels. We wholeheartedly recommend using them.
— Analyn Dacillo, Furniture Importer
Using Abacus Accountancy has saved me so much time in dealing with tax, which has been great for me as a self-employed person – I simply handed my figures to Paul and he did the rest. All of my queries were also given prompt attention, and the helpful attitude is very much appreciated.
— David Oliver, Graphic Designer
Since becoming newly self employed two years ago, Abacus has always been on the end of a telephone for help and advice with all the scary bits and handled all my documentation whilst I’ve been busy building a client network.
— Carol Cuthbert, Horticultural Consultant
For me, second best is not an option. That’s why I always use Abacus Accountancy for all my accounting requirements. There is no one better.
— Jason Smith, Entrepreneur
My first contact with Paul was when I was setting up my own consultancy business and I found his advice very helpful and very practical. Since then he has handled my business accounts and personal tax returns with a professionalism, always keeping me informed of progress. I have found him very approachable whenever I have had to contact him. He keeps things simple.
— Stuart Elrick, Director
Abacus are always completely proactive, so I don’t have to worry about my accounts taking up valuable time from my business
— Debby Grant, Beautician
We have found Paul to be responsive, approachable, constructive and always a pleasure to deal with. We recommend his firm without any hesitation.
— Gail Cornelius, Clothing Retailer
Paul came out to do an initial consultation and explained the process very clearly. I knew what paperwork he required and due to the nature of his business, I had to trust his judgement and reliability. Paul did not let us down and his work was good value and completed each step of the process required.
— Jo Stewart, Director
They have been very helpful to our organisation and I recommend their services to all.
— Great Bradford Football Club
Abacus and Xero combined allow us to see the money we have available to spend on new hair products in the business
— Sonia Prentice, Hairdresser
I look for three things from my company’s accountant, job done – no fuss, good advice when I need it and great pricing.
With Abacus Accountancy (GB) Limited you get all three in spades.
The first is a question of expertise and efficiency. A few months before our accounts need to be posted to Companies House, Abacus contacts us and tells us which files they want us to email across. We email them and in a few weeks, hey presto! our accounts are done, returned to us, neatly bound with a professional finish, as many copies as we require – no problems. We are a small organization with the most basic of finance departments. We don’t want to get bogged down in a tax morass. Abacus takes all the worry off our shoulders. Job done – no fuss.
Whenever we need expert advice, Abacus is always on the end of the line: immediate, courteous, helpful advice is their hallmark. Most enquiries end up as short, unpaid, five-minute phone-calls – probably an annoying interruption to them, but a vital steer for us. When we needed to upgrade our finances software, it was Abacus we went to for help – as a result we’ve saved on staff time, reduced frustration and have much enhanced finance reports. As a social enterprise we were considering charitable status: what were the tax and accounting implications? First port of call – Abacus. Choosing Abacus as our accountants meant that we ended up with an accountant that was more of a financial consultancy service – good advice, on tap.
As for price, everyone makes their own comparisons. If you’re looking for competitive pricing which does not result in compromises in quality, my experience is that you can’t go wrong with Abacus. It’s still one of the most competitive outfits in the neighborhood, despite the fact of their rapidly growing reputation.
So if you’re seeking an accountancy service which is personal, discreet, completely trustworthy, reliable and efficient, at a cost which I would still describe as below the “reasonable” threshold, give Abacus a hearing. We’ve been doing all we can to test their metal over the last five years and there’s been no sign of fatigue yet!
— Norman Humphrys, Businessman
I have used Paul and his team several times for his accountancy services and found him to be very efficient and helpful. I highly recommend using Abacus.
— TK Light and Sound, Events Co-ordinator
The reason we recommend Paul is due to the fact he is extremely knowledgeable and such a professional. We can trust that all information will be in on time and correct. It always helps that Paul also has a great sense of humor.
— Hall Property Services, Builder
Paul has a very professional approach in all aspects of his working life and this is shown with excellent results in a successful business that in my case has taken the worry out of becoming self employed. Being new to self employment, Paul and his company Abacus Accountancy have ticked all my boxes – a great all round service. Thankyou Paul I highly recommend you.
— Jacqueline Powell, Mobile Spray Tanner
I have always had the highest of respect for Paul, he provides me with an excellent service, no problem is too small for him to help with, a good reliable service at a very good price.
Thank you Paul and all your team.
— DC Designs, Designer
Abacus Accountancy is a very friendly, reliable service, I have been very pleased with their quick response to any request that I have made.
They have been very helpful to our organization and I recommend their services to all.
— Allan Bradley, Publisher
I have known Paul from Abacus Accountancy for some while, and I can say that I am very pleased with his work. He is an efficient and conscientious worker and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is in need of his services.
— Gail Johns, Hairdresser
Abacus Accountancy delivers a proficient accountancy service with a friendly personal touch that makes all the difference. A reliable working relationship has developed and strengthened in a short space of time.
— Gaynor Lawrence, Jewelry Supplier
I have no hesitation in recommending Paul at Abacus Accountancy, he has always provided a professional and expert service. I have known him for many years and have always found him helpful, friendly and reliable.
— Zia Meadows, Online Seller
Paul provides outstanding accountancy services with high levels of customer service. Regardless of whether you’re a freelance individual or a large organisation, his level of service and expertise is invaluable.
— Carol Simmons, Web Designer
Happy to give advice when we started the business last year and always at the end of the phone when we have a question.
— Maria Ramsey, Director
Paul is a great accountant. He is very approachable and offers brilliant value for money and excellent advice.
— Danneka Trewick, Online Seller
Abacus have acted for my companies for the last few years and I have always found them to be responsive, helpful and extremely professional. I have received not only an excellent service but also helpful advice resulting in tax savings. I cannot recommend Paul and his team highly enough.
— Taptx Limited, Online Marketing
I am self employed with two people working for me, and when I started working for myself over four years ago, I attempted to do my own accounts and tax return. What a mistake! I have never been a big fan of paperwork, so I looked on the internet for an accountant.
I contacted Paul at Abacus Accountancy and made it clear that I did not want to pay a fortune for having my accounts done, so that any money he was saving me in tax would end up going on accountancy fees. He assured me that his costs were very reasonable and would be more than compensated in the amount of money I saved in tax, and they were fully tax deductible anyhow.
Now I simply send off my books and receipts and he makes up my accounts quickly, without fuss, and he deals with the Inland Revenue for me. It is all done by post – no problems. Highly recommended
— Kenneth Worrall, Billboard Advertiser
Abacus Accountancy has been providing my business with accountancy support for the past 2 years. I have always found them to be very helpful, efficient and value for money. Their advice is always based on up to date knowledge of the tax laws, which has enabled me to make the right decisions for my business. I have no hesitation in recommending Abacus Accountancy to any small or medium sized business.
— Cherrise Chand, Director
Paul has a professional approach to his work, with a high extensive knowledge of the accountancy business. He is able to demonstrate a good working practice and he is reliable and willing to discuss openly all the options that are available to your needs.
Paul works well with clients and has the willingness to demonstrate what he can offer individuals and companies to a high level and comes highly recommended in delivering a quality service.
— Paul Reynolds, Karey Limited
I used Abacus Accountancy after having problems with my old accountant. Their proactive approach to accounting is really refreshing, and I have saved a fortune in tax since using their services. Don’t bother looking elsewhere – just call them! You won’t find anyone better.
— James Cadman, Property Developer
Paul is very efficient and knowledgeable and explained all I needed to know to get my company up and running.
— Mark Hart, Carpenter
Paul is a very helpful and friendly person who responds rapidly to assist and take the hassle out of your accounts.
— Andrew Davey, Consultant
I first asked Paul for help with my father’s accounts under Court of Protection. He was very considerate and professional throughout mixing his advice with a very natural caring attitude which I am sure other customers appreciate. He also referred me to another professional when I needed advice on pension matters.
— Vince Horsman, Carer
A human accountant that I can talk to and who understands my needs. Although only early days I am looking forward to working with Paul and wish I could have found him before. Personable, with a sense of humour, Paul demonstrated a good understanding of my needs and nothing was a problem.
— Serah Goldsworthy, HR Consultant
I have used Paul for many years now. His charges are very reasonable.His work is efficient and professional. I would say to anyone who does not have an accountant or is disatisfied with the one they have now….. try him, you will not be disappointed! Always at the end of an e- mail or telephone if you have a problem.
— Adverteyes Limited, Media and Advertising
This is my first year of trading as self employed and I was dreading having to deal with HMRC and sorting out my tax return. I decided to use Abacus accountancy and was pleasantly surprised how easy it all was when you have a friendly and professional accountant to do it all for you. They have saved me stress, time and money (which is the main thing)! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Abacus to anyone who is looking for a personal, friendly and reliable service.
— James Davies, Proprietor
Abacus are a dream to work with. They consistently surprise us with how proactive they are and how much tax they are able to save us. Highly recommended!
— Gareth James, Designer